Types of massage

Lymphatic drainage

Detox, feel healthy and light.

The removal of toxins and bacteria from our body is achieved through the lymphatic system.

This is a special massage technique that involves specific rhythmic movements, from minimal to light pressure. It focuses on activating the lymph and regulating the fluid to the lymph nodes.

A blocked lymphatic system may be the cause of fluid retention, a feeling of fatigue or a weak immune system. It is also indicated for the treatment of skin diseases (acne, scarring, edema), as well as for the fight against cellulite.

Duration : 45 minutes
Intensity : 0.5-1/5

Deep tissue

A dynamic massage for the treatment of chronic contractions and muscle tension, usually located around the waist, back, shoulders and neck area.

It is a type of massage which focuses on the deeper layers of the myoperitoneal tissue (muscles, tendons, connective tissue), restoring them to their normal state. The movements used are similar to those of a relaxing massage, but the pressure exerted is much more intense and the movement much slower.

It relieves chronic pain resulting from poor posture, intense athletic activity or past injuries.
It restores the range of movement of the body and brings back its physiology.

For even more beneficial effects, we use a mixture of organic balsam and apivita essential oils (thyme, wild cypress).

Duration : 60 minutes
Intensity : 3-5/5


Sports massage is aimed at people who are engaged in sports or fitness, professional or not.
This includes athletes and dancers, but also people who have a sedentary lifestyle but workout and want to maintain a healthy body.

It focuses on evaluating and addressing the most common problems (usually the upper and lower extremities) resulting from exercise as well as helping maintain and prepare the body to perform at its best when needed.

Massage, combined with regular exercise, increases blood circulation and muscle elasticity, thereby reducing the change of an injury.

It also reduces the symptoms of pain due to excessive exercise, facilitates metabolism and helps the body to return to normal quickly.

Duration : 60 minutes
Intensity : 3-5/5


A relaxing massage experience. It rejuvenates the body by contributing to your physical and mental rest.
It is the most widespread form of massage in the western world.

The slight to medium intensity movements help the body relieve accumulated tensio, as it achieves total relaxation of the tired muscles and restores their elasticity.

It strengthens the immune system and helps detox the body, promoting better blood and lymph circulation.
It is also indicated for the treatment of stress, headaches and depression.

For even greater relaxation and well-being, we use a mixture of organic almond oil and apivita essential oils (lavender, orange, ylang ylang and jasmine).

Duration : 45 minutes
Intensity : 1-3/5

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular massage is a precise and comprehensive method for treating musculoskeletal pain and injuries throughout the body, using in-depth techniques of massage and kinesiotherapy.
It includes a wide spectrum of soft tissue manipulation techniques (muscles, tendons, ligaments, peritoneal tissue).

Through the musculoskeletal system, all pain trigger points are identified and then, with appropriate pressure and specific techniques, the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves), which overrides all other systems of the body, regulates all the functions through which healing occurs.

It is aimed at those suffering from musculoskeletal pain such as sciatica, back pain, scoliosis, cervical syndrome, headaches and more.
Restores normal posture, plasticity, flexibility of muscles and joints.

Duration : 60 minutes
Intensity : 4-5/5


Relieve your body, in the most beautiful months of your life.

After the first trimester of pregnancy, massage is completely safe. It is a special technical treatment that aims to relieve pregnant women and helps manage stress, creating a peaceful environment for the fetus.

Duration : 60 minutes
Intensity : 1-2/5