Floating is a wellness practice that takes place within uniquely designed personal pool (pod). This pod contains clean water and epsom salt which increase the solutions buoyancy. This way, lying on the surface of the water is effortless, as if we have no weight, just like an astronaut in space.
The pod has an easy to handle door, which you may leave open or close in case you want to shut all the light and noise out. The temperature of the water and the air inside the pod is about 35 degrees Celsius, very close to the temperature of the skin, which means that you start feeling like you’re becoming one with the water. All of the above are designed such that all external stimuli will be removed from your perception.


We put on earplugs, take a shower and get inside the pod. Visitor is able to control the lid and the light at any time. To fully enjoy the experience of floating and its benefits, we need three things. Closed lid, lights off and absolute stillness. All these as long as we feel comfortable. We have no reason to rush. At the beginning of the session we will listen to 10 minutes of music that will help us relax and go smoothly in an environment without stimuli, 45 minutes of absolute nothingness where we float (ideally turn off the light and stay still) and 5 minutes of music at the end to we know our session is over. We always recommend our new visitors to do at least 3 sessions in a month, to get to know exactly what it is and what it can offer the float as well as what frequency and duration suits them. That’s why we have a relevant introductory offer (First timer).
After the end of the session we take another shower and come to
reflection room to enjoy a drink. Float can be combined with massage (before or after) and elevate your experience.

Epsom salt


Magnesium sulphate, also known as epsom salt, took its name from the same city in Surrey, England. Within each pod there are over 500 kilos of epsom salt. This quantity increases the specific gravity of the solutions such that, as you enter the pod, the weight of the displaced water is almost 1.3 times your own weight. This phenomenon increases the buoyancy unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced!

Epsom salt is used in traditional bath houses for its therapeutic effect. The salt dissolves completely in 35 degrees Celsius water and can be partially absorbed through the lymph nodes on the surface of your skin. It is a natural softener, which you will realise immediately after your first float on your skin and hair. It is also a muscle relaxant and has anti-inflammatory action. Floating regularly will energise your lymphatic system and the stress hormones in your body will be reduced — exactly what you need to recover from the insane city rhythm.

In case of using other medication, please consult with your doctor.

Benefits of floating


Why should somebody choose floating?

Apart from being a very pleasant, special and unique experience, floating systematically has many benefits :

  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce your blood pressure, cortisol, adrenaline and lactic acid levels
  • Improve your circulatory system
  • Enhance your creativity through visualisation
  • Empower yourself against addictions and phobias
  • Retain mental clarity
  • Enhance your basic 5 senses

Target Audience

Float is a very personal experience, different for each person but addressed to everyone! From professional athletes who want to increase their sports performance, clear their mind and have a faster physical recovery to people who want to relieve stress, panic attacks, depression or who simply want to organize their thoughts and relax.


How often should I float?

There is no restriction but most of our regular visitors float from 1 time per month to 2 times per week. We recommend everyone who wants to get to know the float to do at least 3 sessions in a month. With these 3 visits, someone will know exactly what the float is, what it can offer them and if it suits them.


Pregnant and vulnerable groups are allowed?

For pregnant women after the first trimester there is no problem as long as the pregnancy proceeds normally. In any case, you can consult your doctor by explaining to him that you will spend an hour in water (35 °C) that only contains epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). For vulnerable groups anyone over 18 with the physical strength to get in and out of the pod by themselves can float.


“Reborn through the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience ever!”

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