Enrich your experience

With a pre or post float massage

Pre floating massage

Lymphatic drainage

Turn on your lymphatic system and then enter the pod. The magnesium contained in the solution will be absorbed through lymph nodes on your skin, thereby reducing stress hormones. Additionally, because of all the epsom salt, through osmosis, your skin will get hydrated while toxins will be eliminated.

Deep tissue & Sport

After a high-pressure massage, floating will accelerate the healing of overworked muscles, help your musculoskeletal system relax and release tension off your joints, providing immediate rejuvenation. The ideal choice to deal with chronic pain.

Post floating massage

Swedish / Antistress

Just what you need to prolong and deepen your relaxation, but also the gradual transition to your daily routine, just with more serenity and vigor.

Neuromuscular Therapy

After floating you will relax your muscles just enough to accept pressure to your pain trigger points from your therapist. This will increase your receptivity to this specialized massage style and will make a significant contribution to your overall stress relief.

*All of the above types of massage can be offered separately.

**Our suggestions for a combination of floating & massage are illustrative. You can always choose any type of pre or post floating massage according to your own needs.

***Swedish / antistress massage is also ideal for pre floating, especially when it comes to your first session. It will help you relax and enjoy the unprecedented experience of floating.